At St Albans Artificial Lawns, we recognise that many customers may be hesitant at first when deciding whether or not to invest in artificial grass. Take a look at the pros and cons below and let us help you understand why artificial grass is the right answer!

Do I? Don’t I?

The pros and cons of an artificial lawn:
The Gorilla Grass way!

Thinking of transforming your garden with an artificial lawn? Here’s some things you might not have thought about:


  • Low maintenance!Going artificial is a fantastic low maintenance alternative.No mowing, no watering, no feed or weed!  It’s a more attractive and softer feel than a full patio or concrete, and allows you to maintain “a clean, sophisticated look” with minimal effort.
  • Lush 24/7! A Gorilla Grass lawn gives the look and feel of a beautifully manicured lawn all year round. No mud, no discolouration, and no flooding! Perfect for Halloween parties, New Year celebrations and many more out of season occasions!
  • Great for pets!Our non-toxic and fast-draining design is both hygienic and safe for your adored pets and kids!
  • No hassle!Going on holiday or in the middle of a heatwave? There’s no need for the neighbours to come and water your garden for you, the lawn will just take care of itself.
  • Perfect for families!If you have a trampoline, swings, large trees or any structure in your garden causing permanent shade, you can be sure your lawn will remain green and gorgeous despite any family wear and tear.
  • Unique!Looking for something different? You can design your garden with a range of lawn colours, so if green isn’t your thing, take a look at the wide array of colours we have on offer! Also, we can provide bespoke Gorilla Grass furniture including tables, chairs, cushions and many more!
  • Child friendly! The quality of artificial lawns has improved significantly over the years and it is now being used in nurseries, schools and sports facilities due to its ease and safety.
  • 10-year warranty!Purchasing your lawn and having us install it provides you with a warranty so you can feel secure that your Gorilla Grass lawn will last you for years.
  • Aftercare!Keep your beautiful Gorilla Grass lawn looking brand-new with our aftercare treatments, including a deep clean and brush up.


Our clients are delighted with their lawns and tell us there aren’t really any negatives to having a St Albans Artificial Grass garden!

Worried about nature? There’s always space to add lush floral borders around your beautiful lawn, and we can easily install our grass around the bases of trees, hedges, bird feeders and many more!


If you have any questions or you would like to see our fantastic grass for yourself, give one of our experts a call or check out our supplier website for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!